Postes y tutores tratados

Posts and tutors treated

The variety of Jannone Maderas catalogue includes treated pine posts which are used, among other things, to signal rural and ecological trails. In that sense, our dedication to the ecosystem is characterized by the quality of these cylindrical rolls that can be treated posts and tutors.

The role played by Jannone Group is of distributor of packages for parquet installers, garden conditioning or manufacturers of rustic structures. Therefore, the service is defined by the finish, always thinking about the external use that is given to these products.

Postes y tutores tratados

Certified treated posts

On the other hand, the treated posts undergo a preventive protection process in which the wood is impregnated with resin and dried for the use that is going to be given. Our commitment to these modules is directed to the type of enclosures and delimitations, as well as to supports and signage. Therefore, with the Risk-IV treatment, the treated posts and tutors become ideal to be in contact with ground, fresh water or exposed to permanent humidity.

In addition, the tutors and treated posts are passed through the dryer before treatment. This avoids the twists that could be produced by the change of temperature to which they are subjected when they pass from their countries of origin (Scandinavian countries) to our country.

In Jannone Maderas we have been storing, distributing and selling batches of products for many years to increase the service offered by the distributors on a smaller scale. It is a very well defined chain with which each step benefits a different professional. In particular, the treated posts are sold in the sizes and quantities that the client wants, to speed up their own work.

For any specialized consultation, we have a technical service that takes care of the orders and will advise you on the choice of the product that best suits your needs.