For more than 50 years we have been involved in the agricultural sector, leading the production of citrus and stone fruit (peach and nectarines) for 10 years, we produce different varieties of almond trees, being our farm nowadays not only an Andalusia reference, also a Spanish reference.

Likewise, in La Rinconada (Seville) we have extensive facilities for the initial processing of the almond (preliminary and peeling of the fruit) through a modern machinery that allows us to adequately prepare for the market. Not only our own production, also from other producers in the area.

In the future, we expect to obtain our own production close to 500,000 kilos of almonds, as well as to expand the process of transforming the fruit, thus adding a chain of added values ​​until the product is marketed.

Due to the extensive experience in the production of almonds, and to respond to the needs of technical advice on this crop, based on the growing area that in Spain and Portugal is being allocated to this crop, we have recently created NUTALIA AGROCONSULTORES. From there, and thanks to a specialized technical team, we currently provide agronomic advice to farms that are reorienting their activity to the cultivation of almonds in Andalusia, Extremadura, Portugal and Turkey.

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Finally we also have a wide experience of more than 45 years in the production and marketing of the cut flower, being pioneers in Andalusia, through the company ROSAS DE SEVILLA S.L. In our more than 40.000 m² of greenhouses in Los Palacios we cultivate different varieties of flowers and decorative plants being currently one of the leading producers of cut flowers in Spain. 

We are referents in the florist sector and wholesalers of cut flowers, importing from the main producing countries combining the best of the exporting countries of flower and ornamental plants, with the best of our lands.

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