Jannone Group

Jannone S.A. is the pioneer society of a familiar business. Our track record started 80 years ago, being nowadays a referent in the wood sector in Andalusia.

It was on 2002 when the firm Jannone Tubos S.L. was established, in order to provide our clients pipes merchandising and distribution. Including industry pipes, fire protection, preinsulated pipes (Distict heating & cooling), hollow sections or vitrified clay pipes , with their fittings. As well as technical solutions in any installation.

The warehouse of both companies is located in the free trade zone at the port of Seville, offering our clients an added value within our own trading activity. Furthermore, another store is situated in the province of Madrid to supply the central and northern part of the peninsula.

In addition of the previously mentioned marketing companies, Jannone Group has developed an important activity in agribusiness sector. Such as increasing the land area of dried fruits, which plays a central role, and industrialize their distribution.

Through Nutalia Agroconsultores S.L. we promote the acquired knowledge in cultivation of our own installations property in Finca Montana de San José (La Rinconada), referent in Seville due to its intensive cultivation of almond tree, giving advices to farmers who are starting with dried fruits crops.

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Another sector where the group has developed their activity is in real-estate, for sale and lease properties in residential zone and offices.

We can say proudly that Jannone Group since their beginning, and with its track record of good working during these years, added to their extensive experience has proved with an extra value which is especially relevant in many sectors, such as, wood, tubes, agribusiness and real estate.

Therefore we have the means for guarantee the best results in the projects we take part in. All of these characteristics define Jannone Group as a flexible society who can adapt to changes, able to guarantee results to our clients, giving them a personal, efficient, agile and competitive treatment. Consequently, our fundamental premise is the quality in any products we work with.


As a business which commercialize more than 20.000 items related to wood and pipes sector, we are able to offer a 24.000 m2 warehouse in the free trade zone at the port of Seville. In addition, we have at our disposal another warehouse in Madrid of 7.000 m2.

We also have a truck fleet and own vehicles for providing and distribute these articles anywhere throughout Spain.

Our main assets are human capital, workers with a vast experience, who feel as their own this business. We can remark them for quality talent as well as dedication and effort in order to satisfy the client.