Decks and friezes

Once again, Jannone Maderas is committed to facilitating the production chain by bringing the material closer to professionals. In our catalogue we include pallets and friezes within the orders as the client needs.

We have both treated pallets and untreated pallets, so that the solution is as effective as possible. For Jannone Group it is a continuous reality the adaptation to professional, be they manufacturers, distributors or installers. The quality and finish make the difference in our service.

Wood floors and friezes

Referring to platforms and friezes, Jannone Maderas has laminate flooring tongue and overlapping material.

This type of products for coating walls and ceilings are an added value to the offer we have available for joinery and carpentry while wooden pallets and friezes are a current demand in the equipment of homes.

Therefore, we are at your service at any specific request for our professionals, in order to guarantee the coverage of the need in the shortest possible time.

If you need to expand the genre you work with, trust in a group that has been working with wood all their lives.