Argentine gates and turrets

Turrets of Finland

Torreta de Finlandia

For the hunting sector and for the monitoring of forests it is possible to offer the turrets, which can be pyramidal and wider at the base. They are very stable and there are no faults, coniferous with concrete. This allows moving them from one point to another of the farm if necessary without having to dismantle them.

On the other hand, note that they come palletized type KIT, this is the whole package of special screws for wood or angular. Jannone Group distributes them ready to assemble with the respective installation instructions that facilitate the process.

The main characteristic of these turrets is that they are Finnish red pine with R-IV autoclave treatment; What allows it to be in continuous contact with the ground or exposed to a permanent life without being affected. It has two possible colors: green and brown. Tell us what you need!

Argentine Cancels (gates)

The Argentine Cancels in our catalogue are made of noble wood and native to the rainforests of Argentina and Brazil. They have a great resistance to climatic conditions and are indicated for cattle farms as well as agricultural farms as for enclosures of plots or gardens.

We have also different sizes in these gates, which are delivered ready to install with two “Red Quebracho” fastening posts; products that owe their name to the extreme hardness and durability of wood. Don´t forget that they are always accompanied by hinges, bolts, nuts and washers.

Ask about the Argentine cancellations, don´t hesitate to call our technical team that will gladly advise you.

Cancela argentina (tranquera)