Vigas laminadas

Laminated beams

The laminated beams are pieces formed by sheets or wooden boards, glued to each other, to which previously they are made an optimization process. That is, defects that diminish stability such as knots, resin bags and inward growth of the bark are eliminated. Hence the great strength and rigidity of these beams and their use as hollow sections timber in construction.

Similarly, laminated fir beams are a widely used resource in decoration. The horizontal wooden sections act as an interior or exterior structure, with a rustic appearance. Due to this, many of our clients in this Jannone Maderas service are installers and carpenters who seek to offer quality construction to those who trust them.

Glued laminated beams

Not only for its decorative quality, but also for its resistance, glued laminated wooden beams are presented as the most basic need for any professional who works this material in construction. For us, the use in doors or structures is based on the finish, as well as if the laminated beams are intended for furniture or decorative elements, since depending on the quality of this will create a very strong piece of wood.

Jannone Maderas guarantees the laminated beams that you need so that the service can go ahead with your client.

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