Tableros contrachapados fenólicos

Phenolic plywood boards

When we talk about plywood we are referring to a multilaminated work in which thin veneers are coupled together. For Jannone, joining the phenolic material to laminated boards is a step forward. Purchase phenolic plywood boards so useful when making any product much more stable. In addition, phenolic gluing guarantees the durability of the wood and its resistance to bacteria and fungi in humid areas.

Phenolic plywood panels without exterior finish

This typology is designed for both internal and external use in the construction and packaging sector.

There are several qualities depending on the cleanliness of the faces. Thus, the quality is adjusted according to the quantity and repair, or not, of knots contained in the surface of the sheet. With Jannone Maderas you can guarantee that your service will be covered by the best types of material: pine boards, grooved boards, Okume boards (tropical veneer) and OSB.

Phenolic plywood panels with exterior finish

Regarding the finish, it is very important to bear in mind that Jannone Maderas offers the possibility of customizing the product for a specific service.

An example would be the “body panels”, which are those that have a non-slip phenolic film on one side and on the other a smooth phenolic film. These boards are used for truck and trailers bodies, floors, stages, structures of playgrounds, etc.

Another example are those used for formwork, used in temporary or permanent mold systems. These boards have a smooth phenolic film on both sides. In addition to these two examples, we have a variety of boards with exterior finishes.