Jannone is an importer and warehouseman of large-scale timber and boards. Our main suppliers are from Europe and America. We are characterized mainly by our diversification in products, both in variety and typology, but our main characteristic is that we adapt continuously to the needs and demands of our clients and the market.

We are strongly betting on semi-finished wood products and treated wood for the exterior.

Also, by having our own fleet of vehicles and our client delivery service; characterized by being agile, fast and efficient.

We look for customized solutions for each query and each need, making each order customized for each client.

Our priority has been and always will be to offer the best response with the greatest efficiency, being our main objective to concentrate all our efforts in maintaining the highest quality in the supply of the different species of wood and its derivatives, as well as the expansion and improvement of the services we provide.

All this effort that we continually make is rewarded with the trust that clients have in us, confidence that helps us to keep growing every day.

Adacta Ibérica

Adacta Ibérica tableros fenólicos

The own brand Adacta Iberica is the bet of Jannone Maderas for the phenolic products. It is responsible for the production of products made with this type of boards. Some examples can be: sanitary cabins, changing rooms, coatings, countertops, benches or lockers, among others.

On the other hand, it is necessary to show that the main characteristic of this product is that it has a great resistance to deterioration. We are facing a board that does not admit bacteria, fungi or mold, being very resistant to water, moisture and acids. Therefore it is very easy to clean.

In addition, it can be flame-retardant and customized by a wide range of colors and patterns.

Its use occurs mainly in hospitals, civil or public works, schools, colleges, universities, shops or stores, sports facilities, leisure centers, hotels, marine, laboratories, offices, health centers, engineering and food industries, among others.


Cabinas de vestuarios

Changing cubicle