Tuberías preaisladas

Distict heating & cooling

The preinsulated pipes (Distict heating & cooling ) for networks of heat and cold represent a perfect tool for an optimization of energy resources and also a reduction of CO 2 emissions. The system is rounded off by a whole range of accessories and valves necessary for this type of installation.

These pipes are designed in order to detect potential leakage or hollow sections failure and consequently, the possible losses of energy. For this reason with its use we achieve a result in cost saving, as well as less installation time and more durability of installation in contraposition with a traditional system. In other words, a benefits in all aspects for the installer and the final customer.

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Typology of preinsulated pipes (Distict heating & cooling)

In Jannone Tubos we offer our customers two types of preinsulated pipes,(Distict heating & cooling).

  • Rigid system, steel polyurethane insulted and polyethylene (PEHD) jacket for been able to be buried underground. Also we could replace the polyethylene jacket for galvanized or stainless sheet if the installation were airline.
  • Flexible system, copper, malleable steel, PEX-a and PE with polyurethane insulated and polyethylene (PELD) jacket.

It depends on the diameter and the working temperatures whether we use one system or the other. Jannone Tubos, in particular, the preinsulated pipes come from the fabricant Isoplus, a company who produces anually 3.000 km of pipes and also a leading company.

Preinsulated pipes are the base of construction in Distrit Heating & Cooling.

We offer customers a technical service to collaborate in the project.